Welcome to The Road Next Travelled

Join Ray Martin as he takes three everyday Australians on an 8 week journey into the next chapter of their lives. The Road Next Travelled is a radio series produced by Macquarie Radio Network and sponsored by Colonial First State

Over 8 weeks you’ll hear our three contestants start a journey towards the next phase of their lives. But it’s not just about them, it’s about you too. Our panel of life coaches, inspiring Australians, mentors, and Ray himself, will share inspiring stories, tips and tools to help you be ready for next.


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The Contestants

Christine O'Halloran

Christine O'Halloran

Window Cleaning Business

Christine O' Halloran successfully ran a window cleaning business with her husband of 40 years, Ross, then in 2010 their lives changed. Ross suffered a heart attack and they had to sell the business. Christine will tell you retirement has been a roller coaster ride due to the complexities of her husband's health issues, which have put a hold on planning for the future. But now she wants to start a new future that will give back to her family as well as the community.

Kerry Hogan

Kerry Hogan


Kerry Hogan was an accountant many years ago but decided she better get with the times, so became of the first women in Australia to become an electronic engineer and pioneered a career in the growing world of tech that we all now take for granted. With many career highs like implementing the world’s first national emergency warning system she is now staring down the barrel of retirement. Now she wants to take her success from the past and move that into her new passion... sustainability of our planet.

Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor

Water Industry

Michael Taylor is 62 years young, he's challenged himself with marathons and many sporting feats in the past. But now he is going to take on a new goal and in his words .....he is scared. After 41 years in the water industry, Michael is retiring from the game he knows so well , some may say forced retirement for this young bloke. Either way, Michael wants to turn his passion for a fit and healthy lifestyle into a business that can help others as well as himself.

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Episode 8 – Series final

Ray shares an incredible stat about how many people un-retire in Australia.  Geoff Peck,  General Manager of  Marketing at Colonial First State, stops by and explains what an active retirement is and why it’s the way of the future.  Joanna cautions against buying into the stereotype threat of retirement and shares valuable myths and mistakes of retirement. We hear the final lessons learned from each of the contestants on their journey down The Road Next Travelled.

Run Time 23:24

Episode 7

In this penultimate episode the myth that retirement is all about bowls and bingo is definitively shattered. Cricketer Greg Matthew talks to Ray about life after cricket. Christine, Kerry and Michael  catch up with Joanna Maxwell, the series lifestyle and career coach, for the last time.  They all receive career and life advice that is applicable to working adults of any age.

Run Time 22:11

Episode 6

Wolf Creek star John Jarratt stops by to share his thoughts on career and his exact moment of intended retirement.  All the contestants review their achievements and our mentors give some really useful advice for all of us. Our contestants complete their next challenges and some of their old ideas fall by the wayside but Joanna cautions about things unseen ahead on The Road Next Travelled.

Run Time 23:44

Episode 5

Nicolette Rubinsztein General Manager for Retirement, Colonial First State shares things to consider to help avoid the financial anxiety of not being prepared properly for retirement. Our contestants get their next challenges and start to shed the past impression of who they were and who others want them to be, but not all the lessons learned so far on The Road Next Travelled have been embraced

Run Time 31:38

Episode 4

It’s halfway on our journey. Laurie Lawrence, champion swim coach turned champion of saving babies from drowning, stops by with motivational help. After the first challenges some highly significant small shifts are taking place in our contestants’ idea of what their road next travelled looks like. All hear valuable feedback from their mentors, including an embarrassed Michael, who finds out from Guy Leech what failure really looks like.

Run Time 31:38

Episode 3

Ray catches up with Carolyn Creswell founder of Carman’s Fine Foods . Our contestants meet their mentors including ironman champion Guy Leech. The first challenges are issued and get underway and it isn’t all smooth sailing for Christine, Kerry and Michael.  Will they overcome the road blocks and continue down The Road Next Travelled? Listen to find out.

Run Time: 29:49

Episode 2

Ray meets the remarkable Dr Patricia Edgar, author of “In Praise of Aging” and hears why we have to stop talking about retirement. Our contestants get their first one-on-one with life coach Joanna Maxwell and have to answer some pretty confronting questions. Quote of the episode “Don’t let an old person creep into your body”, listen to find out who said it.

Run Time 27:56

Episode 1

Ray Martin shares his own road next travelled, a passion far away from the TV cameras. Life coach Joanna Maxwell reveals the secret to a successful change of career later in life. We hear wise words around funding the next part of your life from Nicolette Rubinsztein General Manager for Retirement, Colonial First State. We also meet our three contestants for the first time and hear what they hope to achieve.

Run Time: 28:00

Ray Martin


Ray Martin AM (born 20 December 1944) is a five-time Gold Logie winning Australian television journalist and entertainment personality. He is best known for his various on-air roles on Channel Nine from 1978. In 2011 he returned to Current Affairs 60 Minutes in a part-time capacity.

He is an avid Bunny’s supporter and is on his own road next travelled, releasing a photography book and working on another.

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Ray Martin

Joanna Maxwell


Joanna Maxwell has been helping people reinvent their working lives since 2002. After recovering from her first career as a corporate lawyer she founded her own business as a trainer, coach and writer.
Since then, she’s worked with hundreds of clients: from the paediatrician who became a glass artist, to the property valuer transitioning to his own business, to the teacher who wanted more time to travel and ‘give back’.

Joanna Maxwell


Guy Leech

Guy Leech


Guy Leech is the original winner of the Coolangatta Gold, the iconic ironman race. Guy leech has gone onto grow his own fitness business making a huge impact on the health of Australians. Along the way he has trained stars like Madonna and George Clooney, so Michael's in good company.

Judy Tanna

Judy Tanna


Judy Tanna decided to re-launch her career in the not-for-profit sector after 20 years in publishing. Judy's passions now is to give kids growing up in poverty a chance for life. That's why she's the National Major Donor Manager for The Smith Family, the largest education-focused children’s charity in Australia. Judy is an expert in handing life changes

Judith Bowtell

Judith Bowtell


Judith Bowtell, an expert in corporate well-being and personal development in the work force. Judith has built of business over the last 20 years by mentoring women like Christine.

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