Bonus Interviews

Week 2 – Redundancy & Reinvention

Raife Watson - CEO

Adzuna is search engine for jobs used by over 3 million visitors per month, which makes it easier to find the right job. In this extended interview with Ray Martin, Raife explains the tips and tricks older Australian's can employ to get yourself gainfully employed.

How to get a job if you're over 50

What’s it like getting back into the workforce as a fifty plus Australian? We hear from Michelle an Executive Assistant who faced some hurdles looking for new job as an over 50. She got there but only after applying for 300 jobs. Michelle got creative and conducted some really interesting experiments to finally help get her a job. /

Bouncing back after redundancy

Joanna Maxwell shares her advice on how to bounce back after redundancy including ways to stay positive like make a list of 5 things you can do today or 5 good people to talk. She also shares some left of field career advice from unlikely source, Yoda from Star Wars. /

The Road Next Travelled Series 2 – Week 2 – Redundancy & Reinvention

A big stat to kick off week 2, a third of people 55 to 64 in Australia are considered long
term unemployed. We’re joined by Raife Watson CEO of jobs search engine with
tips on how to get yourself employed. Joanna Maxwell shares how to overcome that element
of fear we all have that could stop us from starting a new career. We hear from Michelle;
an EA who faced some hurdles looking for new job as an over 50. Finally we check in with
Rhonda Smith to see how her journey is progressing.

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