Bonus Interviews

Week 4 – Divorce, Love, & Money

The Upside of a Tree Change

Ray & Joanna discuss recent research which says that the sea-change/tree-change phenomenon as a geographical shift has come and gone for older people; who are realising that its better to age in a city where there is good transport, hospitals and social outlets

Internet Dating Success

John Aiken is a clinical psychologist and a relationship expert and a dating specialist for He has 20 years experience giving out practical advice for singles and for couples. He discusses the internet and dating and how to make it work for you!

The Road Next Travelled Series 2 – Week 4 – Divorce, Love, & Money

Divorce can be financially crippling for many, with some losing half of their superannuation. In this episode we focus on how to bounce forwards mentally, physically and financially. Ray talks to John Aiken, a relationship expert with 20 years experience, about the changing relationship landscape

Our traveller Rhonda shares learnings from her 1st challenge and Joanna teaches us how to look at all the different elements of our life and deciding which we need to ditch, and which to rearrange.

Listen out for The Road Next Travelled

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