Bonus Interviews

Week 5 – Health & Well-being

Changing the Brain with Gratitude

Almost 90% of people in their mid 50s report no health based limitations when it comes to physical activity or to housework. 56% of people over 85, said the same thing! Joanna Maxwell tells us about gratitude practice; and the research behind it which shows it can change how the brainwaves operate.

Looking after your Brain.

Prof Michael Valenzuela is one of Australia's leading experts in regenerative neuroscience. Research shows that in 20 years, dementia will overtake heart disease and cancer as the #1 cause of death in Australia. Looking after the brain is the next big challenge so that we can not just age to 100 on paper, but to thrive in the process and get as much out of life as possible

The Road Next Travelled Series 2 – Week 5 – Health & Well-being

Having a sense of purpose can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. The more that you can determine your own mindset, the less likely you are to age beyond what you’re really capable of.

Rhonda is back and we hear about her week including a drumming class and home make-over. Joanna Maxwell sets Rhonda her next challenge

Ray catches up with Prof Michael Valenzuela from the University of Sydney who gives him a quick brain test, listen to hear the surprising result.

Listen out for The Road Next Travelled

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