Bonus Interviews

Week 6 – Dependents & Downsizing

What is the sandwiched generation?

Joanna Maxwell talks about steps you can take to kick start your new life in this next phase. She tells us about a new trend and the acronym 'S.K.I'. And we hear all about the 'sandwiched generation

The practical and emotional steps to downsizing your life

Lorraine Cox, founder of Downsizing with Ease, has over 20 years experience in assisting people in downsizing their lives and always encourages her clients to view downsizing as an opportunity to relish in this next step of their lives. Lorraine and Ray examine the practical and emotional steps to downsizing your life.

Tips & Strategy for Your Retirement Nest Egg

Simran Dhillon is a Financial Advisor with nearly 10 years experience. Ray and Simran talk about strategy structure for your retirement nest egg; how people use their super; and maximising your position for the future. He offers his best tips on the next steps and what you can do to help yourself help your future.

The Road Next Travelled Series 2 – Week 6 – Dependents & Downsizing

Shaping your future, where do you start when there’s so much to consider? The first goal for many is to pay off the mortgage so that you have money to actually spend – which often means downsizing. We speak to Lorraine Cox who is the Founder of Downsizing with Ease; who give us some sage advice to those on the brink!

Ray speaks with Simran Dhillon, a Financial Advisor with nearly 10 years experience about the day to day needs of people when they need to retire.

Joanna gets Rhonda to recap her journey and experience transitioning from the work force towards the retired life. Rhonda also shares her advice to help us all be ready for next.

Listen out for The Road Next Travelled

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